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2nd meeting of the Management Board

The Management Board nominated Geoffrey Podger as candidate for the position of EFSA's Executive Director. The nomination is to be confirmed by the European Parliament. Minutes of the 2nd Management Board meeting (80.82 KB) Minutes Opening of the mee ...

01 October 2002

1st meeting of the Management Board

First board meeting of new food authority to be held next week Health and Consumer Protection Commissioner David Byrne began the first meeting of the Management Board by describing how the European Food Safety Authority had come about and what the future ...

18 September 2002

Plant health networks

Risk assessment in plant health Established to build mutual understanding of risk assessment principles in the plant health sector and to provide increased transparency in the current risk assessment among Member States and EFSA. Terms of Reference List o ...


Panel on Plant Health

PLH The Panel on Plant Health (PLH) provides independent scientific advice on the risk posed by plant pests which can cause harm to plants, plant products or biodiversity in the EU. The Panel reviews and assesses those risks with regard to the safety and ...