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EU-FORA Fellowship Programme: apply for third round by 31 January

You can still apply to be a fellow or hosting site for the next cycle(s) of EFSA’s European Food Risk Assessment (EU-FORA) Fellowship Programme, a key initiative for building the EU’s scientific assessment capacity and knowledge community. EU-FORA is aime ...

14 January 2019

EFSA Management Board reappoints Bernhard Url as Executive Director

BURL_1.jpg At its final meeting in 2018, EFSA’s Management Board reappointed Bernhard Url as EFSA’s Executive Director. “On behalf of EFSA’s Management Board, it gives me great pleasure to reappoint Bernhard Url as EFSA’s Executive Director,” Jaana Husu-K ...

12 December 2018

Zoonotic diseases: progress has stalled

There were only minor fluctuations in reported cases of three main zoonotic diseases in the EU last year compared to 2016. The number of reported cases of salmonellosis and campylobacteriosis has remained stable over the past five years, although listerio ...

12 December 2018

Updates on the presence of TSEs in the EU

EFSA has published its third summary report on the monitoring of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) in the EU. The report provides results on data collected by all EU Member States, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland for 2017. The main findings ...

29 November 2018

European Antibiotic Awareness Day 2018

Mark your calendar for this year’s European Antibiotic Awareness Day (EAAD). European Antibiotic Awareness Day takes place every year on 18 November to raise awareness about the threat to public health from antibiotic resistance and the importance of prud ...

12 November 2018

Food safety: simplified approach to make food donations easier

EFSA has developed a new food safety management approach that makes it simpler for small retailers to donate food. The simplified system would mean that retailers are not required to have detailed knowledge of specific hazards. It includes steps for check ...

07 November 2018

EFSA conference closes: ‘Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate’

“The main message for me was ‘collaborate, collaborate, collaborate’, because it is not enough to have good science,” said Bernhard Url, EFSA’s Executive Director, following the agency’s conference, Science, Food, Society. He added that the conference had ...

21 September 2018

Science, alimentation et société: Conférence EFSA 2018- Jour 3

Après avoir mis l'accent hier sur l’évolution des sciences de l'évaluation des risques, les sessions d'aujourd'hui abordent des sujets tout aussi complexes, tels que la participation des citoyens, la gestion des éléments de preuve ou e ...

20 September 2018