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The 3rd plenary meeting of the AFC Panel

Minutes (86.54 KB) Presentations Statement of the AFC Panel updating the advice availalble on semicarbazide in packaged foods (144.12 KB) Plenaries ...

30 September 2003

10th meeting of the Management Board

In addition to a general update on developments, the Management Board were given a briefing on the state of play of recruitment and staffing, and received a chart describing who does what at EFSA. Discussion centered around the roadmap, the revised 2003 M ...

16 September 2003

EFSA issues GMO opinion

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) scientists have concluded that there is no new scientific evidence, in a recently submitted report, to justify the banning of certain GMOs in Upper Austria. EFSA was asked to look at the health and environment issues ...

10 July 2003

9th meeting of the Management Board

The Scientific Panels were inaugurated at the end of May, so the general update covered their first meetings. Mr Podger informed the Board that these meetings dealt mainly with administrative and scientific planning matters and that the first Scientific C ...

18 June 2003

8th meeting of the Management Board

The Management Board heard information concerning a call for interests for a tender and on the shortlist of members of the Scientific Committee and Panels. Discussion centered around this agenda point and continued throughout the day.   Minutes ot the 8th ...

29 April 2003

7th meeting of  the Management Board

The meeting dealt with a number of administrative matters including discharge of the 2002 budget. Vice Chair of the Board, Deirdre Hutton submitted a paper for discussion on emerging risk and the allocation of EFSA resources and Board Member Dr Bart Sangs ...

19 March 2003

EFSA gets into flavourings

The Executive Director of the European Food Safety Authority, Geoffrey Podger, has given the green light to a landmark contract in the Authority’s scientific development. As part of an important initiative aimed at making EU food safer; from July 2005 at ...

18 March 2003