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6th meeting of the Management Board

There was discussion and a vote on a draft Decision concerning the terms and conditions for internal investigations in relation to the prevention of fraud, corruption and any illegal activity detrimental to the Communities’ interests, on draft procedural ...

21 January 2003

5th meeting of the Management Board

The Management Board discussed and voted on the 2003 Budget and a new Framework Financial Regulation. The heard an update on the interim Advisory Forum and the Advisory Forum Proper and discussed a report on the Management Board Team Building Day.   Minut ...

11 December 2002

Team Building Day meeting of the Management Board

As Board members have very different backgrounds, expertise, nationalities and speak different languages, this time was taken to build a cohesive team spirit and mutual understanding. Report (103.16 KB) Management Board ...

29 November 2002

4th meeting of the Management Board

A decision was taken on the 2003 Management Plan and on matters concerning the Scientific Committee and Panels. Other administrative details amended Rules of procedure for the Management Board concerning indemnities for Board Members. Minutes of the 4th M ...

06 November 2002

3rd meeting of the Management Board

The Board were given an update on the procedure for the Executive Director and they then moved on to discuss the 2003 Management Plan. A round table discussion looked at the National arrangements for the administration of risk analysis in the Member State ...

17 October 2002

2nd meeting of the Management Board

The Management Board nominated Geoffrey Podger as candidate for the position of EFSA's Executive Director. The nomination is to be confirmed by the European Parliament. Minutes of the 2nd Management Board meeting (80.82 KB) Minutes Opening of the mee ...

01 October 2002

1st meeting of the Management Board

First board meeting of new food authority to be held next week Health and Consumer Protection Commissioner David Byrne began the first meeting of the Management Board by describing how the European Food Safety Authority had come about and what the future ...

18 September 2002

Biological hazards networks

BSE-TSE Set up to strengthen the scientific cooperation on BSE-TSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy and Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies) issues, reduce the duplication of activities and hence avoid divergence of opinion. Terms of reference List ...


Panel on Biological Hazards

BIOHAZ The Panel on Biological Hazards (BIOHAZ) provides scientific advice on biological hazards in relation to food safety and food-borne diseases. This covers animal diseases transmissible to humans; transmissible spongiform encephalopathies; food micro ...