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Procurement for services we need

Can you or your organisation provide the scientific, logistical or support services we need? We are looking for the best value for money services possible to help EFSA run smoothly and efficiently. EFSA buys services and supplies through public procuremen ...


Corporate documents and publications

Strategy, planning and reporting Annual Report 2018  20 March 2019 EFSA Strategy 2020- Trusted science for safe food 26 April 2016 EFSA Science Strategy 2012-2016 24 January 2012 Scientific Cooperation Roadmap 2014 – 2016 International Scientific Cooperat ...


Meetings with Member States

Meetings with Member States bring together GMO Panel experts and technical experts from Member States to discuss scientific issues and exchange views on various aspects of GMO risk assessment. Depending on the context, these meetings can be bilateral, inv ...


Genetically modified organisms networks

Risk assessment of GMOs The objective of this network is to build mutual understanding of the principles underlying the risk assessment of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and to provide increased transparency in the current process between Member St ...


Meetings with Stakeholders

Meetings with stakeholders bring together EFSA scientists and stakeholders to discuss scientific issues and exchange views on various aspects of GMO risk assessment. EFSA technical meeting with applicants on the EFSA submission guidance for genetically mo ...


Panel on Genetically Modified Organisms

GMO The Panel on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) provides independent scientific advice on food and feed safety, environmental risk assessment and molecular characterisation/plant science. Its work chiefly concerns genetically-modified plants, micro- ...


GMO applications: overview and procedure

EFSA evaluates the safety of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) before they can be authorised for use as food or feed and/or for cultivation in the EU. This includes GM plants, GM microorganisms and GM animals. Applications are submitted to the nationa ...


Pesticides peer-review experts meetings

The Pesticides Unit holds expert consultations on scientific and technical issues related to the peer review of a substance. They involve scientific experts nominated by Member States. These experts represent the following organisations: Austrian Agency f ...