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All questions sent to EFSA receive an individual response. This privacy statement (PDF) tells you more about how the agency uses your details.   Information note on personal data processing ...


Contact us

Contacts during office hours: from 8.30 to 18.00, Monday to Friday- Telephone: +39 0521 036 111 For urgent enquiries outside office hours (before 8.30 and after 18.00) and on weekends/holidays: +39 0521 036 911 Public enquiries: If you have a question abo ...


About EFSA

EFSA is a European agency funded by the European Union that operates independently of the European legislative and executive institutions (Commission, Council, Parliament) and EU Member States. It was set up in 2002 following a series of food crises in th ...


Engage with EFSA

Contribute to European food safety Your knowledge, insights and information support the development of our scientific work. Support and help to guide our work Registered stakeholders can engage with EFSA through a combination of standing and ad-hoc platfo ...


How we work

Most of EFSA’s work is undertaken in response to requests for scientific advice from the European Commission, the European Parliament and EU Member States. Interactive: EFSA’s scientific process- step by step We also carry out scientific work on our own i ...


Stakeholder engagement

Engagement with stakeholders is key to EFSA’s work and reflects its commitment to openness, transparency and dialogue. Who are EFSA’s ‘stakeholders’? EFSA’s stakeholders are representative organisations that have an interest in the Authority’s work or in ...


Press Centre

EFSA Building Exterior + Interior B-roll Welcome to EFSA's Press Centre where you will find selected information and content for journalists about EFSA's work. Please note that EFSA Press is also the contact point for organising interviews with ...


Consultations- have your say on EFSA's work

Help us ensure we consider the widest possible range of views and scientific information. Share your insights, data and other feedback on draft versions of EFSA's scientific assessments and institutional initiatives. We regularly consult the scientif ...


Calls for data

Share your data with EFSA. Contribute to food safety in Europe. Data is crucial for EFSA’s scientific assessments. We collect data from providers in Member States, the European Commission, research and industry. Receive email alerts on calls for data Data ...