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Potassium metabisulfite

contact material (FCM) substances No 1056, intended to extend the shelf life of wine. The active substance ... a microporous membrane which ensures the controlled diffusion of SO 2  from the active cap to the wine ... consequential release of reaction products into the wine, are not to be expected. The CEF Panel concluded that ...

13 May 2016
Scientific Opinion

More data on sulfites needed to “fully confirm” safety

The current combined safe level for seven sulfites used as additives in wine and other foods is ... similarly following ingestion. They occur naturally in wine-making and are also added to many wines to halt ... fermentation and act as preservatives. The sulfite content in white and sweet wines is generally higher than in ...

14 April 2016

Potassium polyaspartate (A-5D K/SD) as a food additive

Potassium polyaspartate (A-5D K/SD) is proposed for use as a stabiliser in wine, with a maximum ... (A-5D K/SD). Keywords:  food additive, wine stabiliser, potassium polyaspartate, A-5D K/SD doi:  ...

17 March 2016
Scientific Opinion

Alternaria toxins in feed and food

tomato products, sunflower seeds and sunflower oil, fruits and fruit products, and beer and wine. The ...

26 October 2011
Scientific Opinion

Re-evaluation of Amaranth (E 123) as a food additive

contributors to total anticipated exposure to Amaranth for adults were from aperitif wine drinks and Americano. ... the maximum reported levels of use for aperitif wine drinks, which were reported by Industry to be at ...

26 July 2010
Scientific Opinion