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Fish: scenarios indicate benefits versus risks

EFSA scientific opinions which looked respectively at the risks from mercury and methylmercury in food ... methylmercury. This is the main conclusion of a statement published by EFSA on the risks and benefits of seafood. ... mercury content – such as swordfish, pike, tuna and hake – are consumed regularly. Because of difficulties ...

22 January 2015

Benefits of fish/seafood consumption vs. risks of methylmercury

Scientific Committee used previous work performed by the EFSA Panel on Contaminants in the Food Chain and the ... the risks and benefits to human health of fish/seafood consumption related to methylmercury, the EFSA ... population groups would need to reach the TWI for methylmercury and the dietary reference value (DRV) for n-3 ...

22 January 2015

Health benefits of seafood (fish and shellfish) consumption

Contaminants in the context of a risk assessment related to the presence of mercury and methylmercury in food ... polyunsaturated fatty acids) and the contaminant methylmercury, the Panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and ... has reviewed the role of seafood in European diets and evaluated the beneficial effects of seafood ...

14 July 2014
Scientific Opinion

Mercury in food – EFSA updates advice on risks for public health

of the main forms of mercury found in food: methylmercury and inorganic mercury. Methylmercury is the ... and methylmercury in food Notes to editors Mercury is a metal that is released into the environment ... JECFA’s 1.6 µg/kg bw. More precise data on food consumption and on mercury levels in food have allowed the ...

20 December 2012

Mercury and methylmercury in food

and methylmercury toxicity and evaluate whether the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives ... (JECFA) provisional tolerable weekly intakes for methylmercury of 1.6 µg/kg body weight (b.w.) and of ... exposure across age groups does not exceed the TWI for methylmercury, with the exception of toddlers and ...

20 December 2012
Scientific Opinion

EFSA participates in WHO conference on environment and health

closely with national food safety agencies, other parts of the EU and international counterparts in order ... Conference on Environment and Health, which took place in Parma from 10 to 12 March 2010. In a keynote speech ... its Stakeholder Consultative Platform and participating in a wide range of other activities with ...

10 March 2010

The 8th meeting of the Advisory Forum

mercury and methylmercury in food (69.88 KB) Note to semicarbazide (35.05 KB) Colloquium on methodologies ... Draft agenda (53.5 KB) Minutes (132.69 KB) Contaminants in the food chain (159.69 KB) Opinion on ... (45.93 KB) Suggested programme (59.75 KB) Investing in food science (79.55 KB) Draft minutes for af ...

06 April 2004