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    EFSA re-assesses safety of noni juice

    by the European Commission to assess whether case reports of acute hepatitis had an impact on the ... relationship between the acute hepatitis observed in the case reports and the consumption of noni juice. On the ... by reviewing recent case reports of severe hepatitis in people consuming noni juice. In addition, ...

    06 September 2006

    Giuseppe Ruocco

    internal medicine. He carried out researches in the field of immunology of viral hepatitis. Lecturer in ...


    Q fever

    hepatitis. Chronic Q fever (characterised by an infection lasting more than 6 months) is an uncommon but much ...


    Food-borne zoonotic diseases

    and Bacillus cereus Viruses Calicivirus (including norovirus), rotavirus, hepatitis A virus, hepatitis ...


    Zoonotic diseases

    foodstuffs include bacteria such as Salmonella and Campylobacter, viruses such as norovirus or hepatitis ...



    hepatic and pulmonary tumours and that the increased incidence of these tumours reported in the study fall ...