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    49th meeting of the Advisory Forum

    Other matters raised by EFSA and Member States Experience of ‘Nutrivigilance’ programme Hepatitis A in ...

    25 September 2013

    Mineral oil hydrocarbons in food

    tissues including lymph nodes, spleen and liver. Hepatic microgranulomas associated with inflammation in ...

    06 June 2012
    Scientific Opinion

    EFSA provides up-to-date information on food-borne viruses

    EFSA’s scientific opinion looked at norovirus and hepatitis A viruses in fresh produce, ready-to-eat ... hazards by the World Health Organisation. The hepatitis E virus was also assessed in the opinion as it is ... or hepatitis A virus from contaminated bivalve molluscs or fresh produce. Meat or liver should also ...

    14 July 2011
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    PBBs in Food

    Contaminants in the Food Chain (CONTAM Panel) selected the hepatic carcinogenic effects as the critical effect, ...

    13 October 2010
    Scientific Opinion

    EFSA re-assesses safety of noni juice

    by the European Commission to assess whether case reports of acute hepatitis had an impact on the ... relationship between the acute hepatitis observed in the case reports and the consumption of noni juice. On the ... by reviewing recent case reports of severe hepatitis in people consuming noni juice. In addition, ...

    06 September 2006
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