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    EFSA and BfR to work jointly on global food safety tools

    BfR’s software tool, called Food Chain Lab, has helped to trace outbreaks in Germany and at European ... coordinating communication strategies – in the German Federal States and among European states, respectively ... – and results of risk perception research. EFSA training for neighbouring Member States on communication ...

    08 December 2016
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    Cooperating in times of crises

    of a country or of the European Union (EU). This is why EFSA works closely with EU neighbour ... European and Mediterranean countries. EFSA staff and a European Commission representative shared ... the EFSA European Neighbourhood Programme 2014-2016 (ENP) for countries financed by the European ...

    03 December 2015
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    Working with Europe’s neighbours to harmonise food safety approaches

    Europe’s neighbours. The programme was developed by EFSA and the European Union (EU) under the European ... was part of the EFSA European Neighbourhood Programme 2014-2016, which promotes the understanding of ... its neighbours, and to strengthen prosperity, stability and security of all. Increasing cooperation ...

    13 May 2015
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    Rabies: oral vaccination of wild animals

    disease in wildlife across the European Union, says EFSA. Rabies in Europe occurs predominately among ... strategies, regular vaccinations and good cooperation among neighbouring countries as key measures. Scientific ...

    14 July 2015
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    Ebola: new methodology to identify the drivers for spillover

    neighbouring countries. It is still active in Guinea and Sierra Leone.  The report was developed by EFSA ... the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control with expertise drawn from a variety of ...

    25 June 2015
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    Xylella: new studies assessed

    new studies, together with other available evidence, support this statement. The European Commission ... neighbouring areas or other territories of the EU. EFSA recommended in January that further research be carried ...

    17 April 2015
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    Transboundary animal diseases: what are the risks in the EU and what does EFSA do?

    and Welfare Panel, Simon More, explains what the risks for the European Union are and what EFSA does ... likely to enter the European Union? S.M.: Well, African Swine Fever, for example, is a disease that ... affects pigs and is present in countries on the eastern borders of the European Union. It spread to ...

    13 January 2015
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    Peste des petits ruminants

    recognition of the disease should be considered. The cooperation of the EU with neighbouring countries should ... request from:  European Commission Note:  The full opinion will be published in accordance with article ... of the Regulation, will be received from the European Commission. Default ...

    13 January 2015
    Scientific Opinion

    A successful kick off to the European Neighbourhood Programme

    countries on Europe’s edges, took part in a three-day European Neighbourhood Programme (ENP) Conference at ... European Commission’s Directorate General for Development and Cooperation. The ENP aims to strengthen ... relations between the EU and neighbouring countries, encouraging dialogue and exchanges of knowledge and ...

    18 November 2014
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