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Call for input data for the Exposure Assessment of Food Enzymes- 3rd Call

Deadline:  1 May 2019 3rd Call: Input data for the Exposure Assessment of Food Enzymes Food processes Protein components in infant formulae and follow-on formulae Instruction for completing the attached MS Excel ® file Sheet 1 (“Legend”) contains the term ...

01 February 2019

Call for technical and toxicological data on tocopherol-rich extract (E 306), α-tocopherol (E 307), γ-tocopherol (E 308) and δ- tocopherol (E 309) for uses in foods for all population groups including below 16 weeks of age

Deadline:  31 May 2020 EFSA-Q-number: EFSA-Q-2018-00770 Published: 10/10/2018 Deadline for registering interest: 21/11/2018 Deadline for submission of data: 31/05/2020 Background According to Regulation (EC) No 1333/2008 [1], food additives which were per ...

10 October 2018