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2011 Annual report of the Nano Network

No abstract available Keywords:  Nanotechnology, nanomaterials doi:  10.2903/sp.efsa.2012.EN-246 Question Number:  EFSA-Q-2010-01459 Adopted:  13 February 2012 Contact:  scientific.committee@efsa.europa.eu On request from:  EFSA Type:  Technical Report ...

Technical report
15 February 2012

A Framework for Emerging Risks Identification

The Emerging Risks Unit of EFSA has responsibility for developing a framework for emerging risk identification. The ultimate objective is to inform, in a timely manner, the European Parliament, European Commission, Community Agencies, and Member States. T ...

Outcome of the public consultation on the draft Scientific Opinion of the Scientific Panels on GMO and AHAW on risk assessment of food and feed from genetically modified animals and on animal health and welfare aspects

No abstract available Keywords:  GM animals, guidance, applications, Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003, food safety, feed safety, risk assessment, comparative approach, animal health and welfare assessment doi:  10.2903/sp.efsa.2012.EN-226 Question Number:  EF ...

Outcome of the public consultation on the draft Science Strategy 2012-2016

No abstract available Keywords:  Independence, conflict of interest, bias, autonomy doi:  10.2903/sp.efsa.2012.EN-224 Question Number:  EFSA-Q-2012-00066 Adopted:  23 January 2012 Contact:  scistrat.directorate@efsa.europa.eu On request from:  EFSA Type:  ...

Technical report
24 January 2012

AMR in commensal microorganisms

No abstract available Keywords:  Antimicrobial, resistance, transfer, commensal, risk assessment, monitoring doi:  10.2903/j.efsa.2011.196 Question Number:  EFSA-Q-2011-00078 EFSA-Q-2011-00080 EFSA-Q-2011-01121 EFSA-Q-2011-01125 Adopted:  3 October 2011 C ...

Review of current ERA practices within EFSA

Discussions within the Scientific Committee called for the review of current practices for environmental risk assessment (ERA) within different EFSA Panels in order to identify commonalities and possible discrepancies. EFSA therefore established an intern ...

Technical report
22 September 2011