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Optiphos® for poultry and pigs

The additive Optiphos ® is a preparation of 6-phytase produced by a genetically modified strain of Pichia pastoris; it is presented in solid (G/CT) and liquid (L) forms ensuring 4000 OTU/g and 8000 OTU/mL, respectively. This product is intended for use in ...

Opinion on genotoxicity testing strategies

The Scientific Committee reviewed the current state-of-the-science on genotoxicity testing and provided a commentary and recommendations on genotoxicity testing strategies. A step-wise approach is recommended for the generation and evaluation of data on g ...

Scientific Opinion
30 September 2011

Statistical significance & biological relevance

The Scientific Committee (SC) developed an opinion addressing the issue of statistical significance and biological relevance. The objective of the document is to help EFSA Scientific Panels and Committee in the assessment of biologically relevant effects. ...

Scientific Opinion
15 September 2011

Human health risk benefit assessment of foods

The Scientific Committee of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) developed guidance for performing risk-benefit assessments of food. The document focuses on human health risks and human health benefits, and does not address social, economic and other ...

Scientific Opinion
12 July 2010

Seeds of Ambrosia spp. in Feed

The European Commission requested EFSA to provide a scientific opinion on the effect on public or animal health or on the environment on the further distribution of Ambrosia spp. in the European Union and on the importance of feed materials, in particular ...