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EFSA publishes all its scientific outputs, including its scientific opinions, in the EFSA Journal. It also issues a range of supporting publications. See also Definitions of EFSA Scientific Outputs and Supporting Publications.

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    Flavouring group evaluation 77 revision 3

    The Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes, Flavourings and Processing Aids of the EFSA was requested to consider evaluations of flavouring substances assessed since 2000 by the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) and to decide whet ...

    Enzymes as silage additives

    A total of 11 enzymes were assessed including alpha‐amylase, endo‐1,4‐beta‐glucanase, endo‐1,4‐beta‐xylanase and endo‐1,3(4)‐beta‐glucanase as silage additives for all animal species. These enzymes are obtained by fermentation of bacterial or fungi non‐ge ...