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Hazards for poultry slaughter

The AHAW Network includes nationally appointed EU Member State organisations representatives with expertise in the fields of animal health and animal welfare. At the AHAW Network meeting held in July 2019, two exercises were held aimed at i) the identific ...

Using scenario analyses to address the future of food

The food system was developed around a set of policy drivers to make food cheaper and more available, these included promoting agricultural productivity and global trade to increase the availability of food. However, as has been recognised by a plethora o ...

Special Issue
08 July 2019

Predicting toxicity of chemicals: software beats animal testing

We created earlier a large machine‐readable database of 10,000 chemicals and 800,000 associated studies by natural language processing of the public parts of Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) registrations until ...

Special Issue
08 July 2019