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    Peer review of the pesticide risk assessment of the active substance copper compounds copper(I), copper(II) variants namely copper hydroxide, copper oxychloride, tribasic copper sulfate, copper(I) oxide, Bordeaux mixture

    Number of Pages:  25 copper compounds, peer review, risk assessment, pesticide, fungicide First published in the EFSA Journal:  16 January 2018 Adopted:  20 December 2017 Type:  Conclusion on Pesticides Abstract:  The conclusions of the EFSA following the ...

    Outcome of the consultation with Member States and EFSA on the basic substance application for Castanea and Schinopsis tannins for use in plant protection as bactericide, fungicide and nematicide

    First published in EFSA Supporting Publications:  16 January 2018 Issued:  20 December 2017 Type:  Technical Report Read it on the Wiley Online Library: Article  |  PDF Abstract:  The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) was asked by the European Commiss ...

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