EFSA meets Italian government on school and transport links

The second meeting between the Executive Director of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Catherine Geslain-Lanéelle, with Italy’s Undersecretary of State in the Cabinet Office, Gianni Letta, was held in Rome today. 

“I am grateful to Undersecretary of State Letta for the agenda of this meeting which lists the most important issues for EFSA’s establishment in Parma,” Geslain-Lanéelle said.

The meeting, which was an opportunity to take stock of developments so far, focused on areas such as the Scuola per l’Europa, and transport links to Parma.

On the school, the government confirmed that a new legal framework would shortly be adopted, leading to the appointment of a full-time director and the co-financing of the school by the European Union.

The Italian government also confirmed its financial support to the funding of the new school building, which is necessary due to the growing numbers of pupils.

EFSA’s Executive Director acknowledged the lack of developments in flight connections to and from Parma airport following the establishment of the European Food Safety Authority in the city. To this end, Undersecretary Letta confirmed that he was committed to exploring the possibilities of new flights as soon as Italy’s new airline company is fully operational.

Among those who attended this round table were the heads of cabinet of the ministries of Internal Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Labour Health and Social Policies, Education and Research and European Political Affairs.

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