EFSA highlights its work on rabies to mark World Rabies Day, September 7

Today EFSA is marking World Rabies Day by highlighting the Authority’s work on the disease. The goal of World Rabies Day is to mobilize awareness and resources in support of human rabies prevention and animal rabies control. Work on rabies is part of EFSA’s risk assessment and monitoring mandate. In early 2007 the Animal Health and Welfare Panel (AHAW) produced an opinion on rabies which recommended that rabies vaccination should remain the key requirement for pet movement between Member States. EFSA’s Zoonoses unit produces a yearly report which reports on rabies cases in Europe. Even though there are few domestic rabies cases in humans reported, the increased reporting of cases in farm and wild animals in the eastern part of the EU, was cited as a concern in the 2005 report. EFSA’s next Community Summary Report on Zoonoses including rabies will be published in December this year.

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