Climate change and food safety – complete the EFSA survey

How does climate change relate to food safety, animal and plant health? Being prepared for future food safety challenges is part of EFSA’s job. Help us by completing a short survey by 7 March!

Finding out about emerging food safety issues is an important part of EFSA’s work. Climate change is increasingly reported as having an impact on all areas of food production, affecting EFSA's scientific work. To know more we’ve launched a new project:  the CLEFSA project (Climate change and Emerging risks for Food Safety).

CLEFSA will develop a method for identifying emerging risks related to climate change. It will also allow us to rank and prioritise risks in food and feed safety, plant and animal health. The survey is the first step and the goal is to collect a list of potential emerging issues. Anybody with an insight on this topic – from the broader scientific community to the general public – should take part.

The survey is online until the 7 March and takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

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