Emerging risks: nominations open for stakeholder group

EFSA is inviting nominations for membership of its stakeholder discussion group on emerging risks.

Networking with stakeholders, Member States, EU and international agencies is a key step in developing the effectiveness of the emerging risks identification process. The Stakeholder Discussion Group on Emerging Risks (StaDG-ER), set up in 2010, enables EFSA to capitalise on stakeholders’ specialist knowledge in this area.

EFSA defines an emerging risk as: “A risk resulting from a newly identified hazard to which a significant exposure may occur, or from an unexpected new or increased significant exposure and/or susceptibility to a known hazard.”

Emerging risks can include specific issues (e.g. specific chemical substance or a pathogen) as well as general issues such as drivers of change (e.g. climate change).

Two meetings of the renewed discussion group are planned for 2018.

Please find more information on this engagement mechanism in the framework for interaction .

For full details please consult the official call document.

Stakeholders should submit their nominations by 12 February 2018.

If you are a Journalist/Media representative, please contact our Media Relations Office. Otherwise, please use the Ask EFSA Service.

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