Focus on bees: send us your pictures!

Following the success of last week’s European Bee Week and, in particular, the exciting news that a broad coalition of stakeholders is coming together to set up a new EU bee partnership, EFSA is launching a photo competition to raise awareness of the dangers facing bees and other pollinators.

Do you have a photo in your collection that you think symbolises an aspect of bee health or that is simply a beautiful image you would like to share with others? Or perhaps you know exactly where to capture such a shot – your garden, local park, or roadside flower patch? If so, pick up your camera or smartphone, take a picture and send it by direct message to EFSA’s Instagram account: @EFSA_EU.

What will happen next? We will post your submission on our Instagram page. Make sure to send your pictures using our special hashtag: #the3bs (bees, beekeeping and beehives). Once posted make sure your followers are aware, so that they can help you get the highest number of likes.

When the competition closes, on 30 September, we will showcase the photos (and photographers) that receive the most likes on EFSA’s website. Happy snapping!

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