Gauging satisfaction of applicants for regulated products

EFSA has created a new tool for applicants to give immediate feedback on the final scientific output dealing with their application and on EFSA’s support services. The new tool is a result of applicants asking for better ways to give direct and immediate feedback.

EFSA developed the tool to gauge the satisfaction of applicants for regulated products with EFSA’s scientific outputs, and its services and procedures. The tool consists of a short questionnaire that applicants will receive as a link when they are notified about the publication of the scientific output.

The tool’s aim is two-fold. It helps EFSA to monitor customer satisfaction over time and collect concrete feedback for future improvements to its procedures. The Authority also wants to improve the engagement of applicants in the scientific assessment process.

The questionnaire is divided into two parts. In the first part, applicants will provide feedback on the support received throughout the application life-cycle, especially on the timeline, the predictability and the clarity of questions. The second part seeks to establish how satisfied applicants are with the scientific output, in particular with its clarity, its quality and the soundness of the information sources.

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