Public consultation: guidance on the risk assessment of GMO at low level

EFSA has launched a public consultation on a draft guidance document on the risk assessment of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) present at low levels in food and feed material and not intended for import into the European Union. The presence of a GMO at a maximum of 0.9% per ingredient in any food and/or feed can be the unintentional result of unavoidable technical circumstances. The guidance document refers to genetically modified plants only.

The European Commission asked EFSA to advise on how implementing regulation 503/2013 needs to be applied to conclude on the safety of GMOs in the context of applications covering their presence as indicated above. EFSA is required to indicate which technical steps of the regulation are necessary and which are not, detailing its rationale in the latter case.

Following a consultation with EU Member States, EFSA now invites all interested parties to submit comments on the revised draft guidance document by 13 June 2017.