Draft guidance on substances in food for infants below 16 weeks, open for comments

EFSA is launching a public consultation on its new draft guidance on the risk assessment of substances present in food intended for infants below 16 weeks of age.

From birth up to 16 weeks, infants are exclusively fed on breast milk and/or infant formula and safe levels set for the general population do not apply. EFSA’s Scientific Committee proposes a new approach for assessing the substances found in infant formula that can better support EU decision-making on the safe use of infant formula.

EFSA invites its stakeholders and other interested parties to submit written comments by 31 March 2017, using the electronic template provided. All the correctly submitted comments will be assessed and, if found to be relevant, taken into consideration by the Scientific Committee in finalising the Guidance. A report on the consultation will be published together with the final Guidance.