EU Agencies look to the future

“We need to increase our cooperation at all levels, also globally, in order to address issues such as climate change, food safety and the one health approach,” EFSA’s Executive Director Bernhard Url said at the EU Agencies Forum meeting on 6-7 December in Brussels. He also stressed the need to go beyond communication and “engage with civil society to make them co-owners of our work. EU Agencies need to champion facts in this post-truth era while recognising values and emotions when framing the policies”.

The EU Agencies Forum comprises 45 EU Agencies and Joint Undertakings who agreed to strengthen their exchange with EU policymakers, civil society and other EU institutions. Discussions also focused on how to enhance the relevance of EU Agencies in European policy-making and reduce bureaucracy while increasing the benefits of their work for EU citizens and businesses.

To view the EU Agencies Forum’s panel sessions link here