EFSA’s fellowship initiative to increase Europe’s risk assessment capacity

Updated: 19 January 2017

EFSA has launched the European Food Risk Assessment Fellowship Programme (EU-FORA), a key initiative for building the EU’s scientific assessment capacity and knowledge community. The programme provides scientists from EU national risk assessment institutes and other Article 36 organisations who are still in the early stages of their career the opportunity to increase their expertise in food safety risk assessment.

Scientists participating in the scheme will spend 12 months working and gaining experience at another European food safety risk assessment institute. 

The EU-FORA project will boost cooperation between Europe’s food safety agencies and with EFSA. The project also contributes to the harmonisation of food safety risk assessment practices. Importantly, it will help create the next generation of risk assessors who will ensure that European consumers can enjoy safe food.

The programme starts in September 2017. Scientists and organisations wishing to participate have until 24 February 2017 to express their interest.

See the dedicated web page for more information.

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