Register to be an EFSA stakeholder

Do you represent a consumer organisation active in the area of food safety? Or a food producers’ association? Perhaps you represent NGOs or academics with specialist knowledge of issues related to food and animal feed? EFSA is calling on all relevant bodies that are active at EU level and are keen to support the Authority’s work to register as official EFSA stakeholders.

Stakeholders have been contributing to EFSA’s work since the Authority was established in 2002. Now, as part of a broader strategy to open up EFSA’s work and to improve transparency, the Authority is transforming the way it engages with its stakeholders.

Registered parties will be able to interact with EFSA through a diverse range of standing and ad-hoc platforms, according to their interests and expertise.

Bernhard Url, EFSA’s Executive Director, said: “As part of our new five-year strategy, we are committed to prioritising public and stakeholder involvement in the process of scientific risk assessment.

“We are a public body so of course we strive to be accountable and transparent, but with this revamped engagement policy we are going further: we are asking our stakeholders to help us shape the future together.”

As part of its review of its relations with stakeholders, EFSA consulted a broad range of stakeholders and benchmarked against other organisations. The issue was also discussed extensively at EFSA’s 2nd Scientific Conference held in 2015 at EXPO Milan.

Become a registered EFSA stakeholder

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