Genetically modified organisms: EFSA’s work explained

What is a GMO? What role does EFSA play in the risk assessment of GMOs? And what has EFSA done recently in this area? You can find the answers to these and many other questions in the new topic on genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The Discover section of EFSA’s website is designed to satisfy the curiosity of the non-specialist and give a taste of the Authority’s work in specific areas. Under the “Latest” tab you find information on recent work carried out by EFSA in the area of GMOs and links to news stories and in-depth material such as scientific opinions. Clicking on “Activities” takes you to EFSA’s work on the risk assessment of GMOs, the development of guidance documents for applicants and the monitoring of GMOs after authorisation. You will also find general information on EFSA’s role, GMO applications and cooperation with EU Member States. Another section explains the legal framework that regulates EFSA’s work on GMOs. We will update this topic whenever EFSA completes new work in the area of GMOs. So, watch this space.
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