Benchmark dose update – have your say

EFSA’s Scientific Committee is updating its guidance on how the Authority’s Scientific Panels apply the benchmark dose (BMD) in their scientific assessments. The public consultation on the proposed update, launched today, is an opportunity for the scientific community and other stakeholders to help EFSA’s experts shape and finalise this important guidance document.

The BMD approach extends the use of dose-response data from studies in experimental animals to better characterise and quantify potential risks from chemicals in the food chain. EFSA’s Scientific Committee first adopted guidance on the BMD in 2009 and considered an update was necessary following a 2015 review of the BMD approach in EFSA’s work, the experience gained with its application, and the latest methodological developments in regulatory risk assessment.

Highlights of the current proposed update include:

  • Revised section on how to apply the BMD approach in practice, with model averaging now recommended as the preferred method for BMD calculations.
  • Default models for BMD analysis have been reviewed and a new criterion introduced.
  • A new flow chart and template provide a step-by-step guide for performing and reporting a BMD analysis. 
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