Advisory Forum members discuss next steps to combat antimicrobial resistance

Antimicrobial resistance was one of the main topics on the agenda of EFSA’s 60th Advisory Forum meeting this month.

Representatives from EFSA, the European Medicines Agency, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, the European Commission and Member States presented their current activities in the field and shared information on forthcoming risk assessment activities.

“To progress in our quest to contain the further development and spread of antimicrobial resistance, it is essential to follow an integrated approach with all players in the food chain acting together,” said Marta Hugas, Head of EFSA’s Biological Hazards and Contaminants unit.

The discussions were timely as on 17 June the Council of the EU agreed next steps for addressing antimicrobial resistance. The 28 European Union member governments asked Member States to put in place national action plans against AMR before mid-2017.

Other topics covered in the meeting of the Advisory Forum included progress made on the EU risk assessment agenda, and risk characterization of ciguatera food poisoning in Europe.