World Health Day: Beat diabetes

About 350 million people worldwide have diabetes, says the World Health Organization (WHO), a number it expects to more than double in the next 20 years. To mark this year’s World Health Day, the WHO is raising awareness about the rise of the disease and its consequences. The campaign also aims to trigger effective and affordable actions to tackle and prevent the disease.

The WHO has set up a campaign page  (also available in French) to raise awareness of the health implications of diabetes. Be sure to take the World Health Day quiz.

EFSA’s work on diabetes

Diabetes is one of many potential health effects that EFSA investigates when it carries out a scientific assessment. More specifically, EFSA’s work on dietary reference values and dietary guidelines often highlights the link between diet and the treatment or prevention of diabetes.

Nutrition challenges ahead – EFSA@EXPO

At last year’s EFSA scientific conference, experts from around the world heard how rapid developments in science and technology are helping to increase our understanding of the link between nutrition and health. These advances may help to prevent non-communicable diseases and conditions such as obesity, diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases later in life. See: From obesity to malnutrition – the global outlook

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