Japan’s food safety commission visits EFSA

Food safety experts from Japan and Europe are benefiting from their deepening scientific and institutional cooperation, stated the chiefs of the Food Safety Commission of Japan (FSCJ) and EFSA. The two-day meeting was the fourth official visit between the two organisations and the first since signing a Memorandum of Cooperation in October 2015. A four-strong delegation led by FSCJ Director General Takashi Himeda was welcomed by EFSA Executive Director Bernhard Url, EFSA managers and scientists from across the Authority’s areas of scientific work. The visitors engaged with their EFSA counterparts in a vibrant exchange of ideas and recent experiences. Both presented their respective work programmes for the immediate future with a view to stay abreast of assessment needs in the food safety sphere. The agenda covered broad topics such as promoting greater openness and transparency, coherence of risk communication, total diet studies and new assessment approaches. The FSCJ introduced its newly established Assessment Methodology office while EFSA gave an update on its progress on cross-cutting guidance documents. There were dedicated exchanges on recent or ongoing work on specific topics including antimicrobial resistance, allergenicity, nitrates/nitrites, acrylamide in food, marine biotoxins and BSE.