EFSA@EXPO: 95 young researchers among 250 poster-contributing scientists

Nearly 250 scientists from all over the world participate in the poster exhibition at EFSA’s scientific conference. The majority of the posters were submitted by universities, research institutes, national food agencies, and EU institutions.

Young scientists feature prominently among poster contributors. Over 500 early-career researchers under the age of 40 followed EFSA’s invitation to submit their posters. Under the umbrella of the Young Researcher Initiative, EFSA awarded 95 young scientists with financial support to enable their participation in the conference.

This initiative provides an excellent opportunity for these young scientists to showcase their work and connect to their scientific peers. With this initiative EFSA wants to attract young talent and foster the interest of the new generation of scientists in the area of food safety.

Contributors will present their posters in dedicated sessions on 14 and 15 October, from 18:00-19:00. Follow the session live on the EFSA@EXPO website.

Abstracts of the posters are available in the conference proceedings.