EFSA@EXPO: How to better understand and address emerging risks in animal and plant health?

Global changes affect the way people produce and consume their food. One consequence is the increasing risk of new pests and pathogens emerging. The session aims to prepare for the cultural and methodological shifts needed in our approach to these emerging risks.

Setting the scene, William Karesh of the EcoHealth Alliance, USA, looks at important issues we need to address globally when applying the “One health” approach.

Speakers include Matthew Baylis, University of Liverpool, UK, who joins the dots between pathogens, hosts and environment; Tony Goldberg, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, on cross-species pathogen transmission; independent advisor Jan Slingenbergh on livestock disease drivers and Paul Gale of the UK’s Animal and Plant Health Agency on predicting the emergence of new viruses. 

The session concludes with talks by Tommaso Venturini, Sciences Po médialab, France, on mapping complexity and Mike Catchpole, ECDC, on a global operations room.

The session “Drivers for emerging issues in animal and plant health” takes place on 16 October, from 09:00-13:00. Follow the session live on the EFSA@EXPO website.