EFSA@EXPO: Open scientific methods and expertise

How can science be not only transparent but also more interactive with the outside world on data, methodologies and outcomes? This session explores future challenges and latest thinking on openness to move beyond dialogue to sustainable stakeholder interaction. Prof Gerard De Vries asks if we are already moving from “Science in Society” to “Science with Society”. Crowdsourcing in risk assessment and user motivation are the themes, respectively, of interventions by InnoCentive’s Steven Drew and Dr Miia Kosonen of Mikkeli University in Finland. Dr Cameron Brooks looks at potential applications of IBM Watson cognitive computing for extracting evidence from unstructered data. Dr Jouni T. Tuomisto asks how online collaborative models can support decision-making. Prof Tomas Öberg explores how socio-economic analysis can help regulatory impact assessment. Dr Mark Lohmann rounds things off by explaining Germany’s innovative risk profiling experience. The “Open risk assessment: methods and expertise” session takes place on 16 October 2015, from 09:00 to 13:00. Follow the session live on the EFSA@EXPO website!