EFSA@EXPO: Weighing evidence, assessing uncertainty

How should risk assessors integrate diverging scientific information? How confident are we as scientists about the results of our assessments? Session 2 on “Weighing evidence and assessing uncertainty” poses these questions… and more. Dr Lorenz Rhomberg is a leading global expert on risk assessment practice and sets the scene for this session. Next up, the shift from empirical testing in animals to mode of action analysis is under Dr Harvey Clewell’s microscope. Prof Matthias Greiner will be looking at how microbiological risk assessment can support response to complex problems. Then, Dr Glenn Suter provides a U.S. perspective on the challenges of assessing environmental risks and Prof Maurice Whelan gets to grips with uncertainties in toxicology. Dr Andrew Hart wraps up the session with an update on recent international efforts to harmonise how we assess and communicate uncertainties. The “Weighing evidence and assessing uncertainty” session takes place on 15 October 2015, from 09:00 to 13:00. Follow the session live on the EFSA@EXPO webpage!