EFSA@EXPO: the future of assessment science

The opening plenary session of EFSA’s second scientific conference brings together four experts to consider what the future holds for assessment science.  Sheila Jasanoff of Harvard University examines how processes in assessment science may matter more than the results. The assumption that innovation and science are inevitably constrained by societal concerns will be challenged by Andrew Stirling of Sussex University. Mark Walport, Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Government, believes that innovation in science is critical for economic growth and sets out the role of scientists in providing robust and impartial advice on risk to help frame the debate. Nigel Walker, Deputy Director at the US National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences, considers how applied research and analysis by the US National Toxicology Program over more than three decades have impacted policy development. The opening plenary session takes place on 14 October from 14:30 to 18:00. Follow the session live on the EFSA@EXPO website! More info on the session