Experts exchange knowledge and best practise at workshop in Azerbaijan

Two EFSA experts and an Advisory Forum member from Latvia held a workshop on food safety at the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan in Baku, Azerbaijan on 2 July, 2015.The workshop was organised under the EFSA European Neighbourhood Programme (ENP) 2014-2016 financed by the European Commission in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan. The ENP Programme aims to strengthen relations between the EFSA and neighbouring countries, encouraging dialogue and exchanges of knowledge and best practices. The workshop was another milestone achieved for the ENP to strengthen cooperation through expert workshops

The experts informed participants about EFSA’s role and responsibilities in food safety, shared experiences in organising and managing work regarding risk assessment and risk communications. The specific aims of the workshop were to increase the cooperation between EFSA and the Azerbaijan competent authorities and build the capacity of Azerbaijan to perform food risk assessment and communications activities.

A representative from the EU delegation in Azerbaijan gave an overview of EU funded projects in the food safety arena in Azerbaijan. The meeting was coordinated by EFSA’s National coordinator in Azerbaijan from the Ministry of Agriculture. More than 20 participants attended the workshop from various ministries, including the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Health and other relevant government agencies.

The representatives from EFSA spoke on:

  • Introduction to food safety risk communication, principles of good risk communication, how EFSA communicates risk.
  • Food safety concepts, risk assessment principles, EFSA’s role, ENP programme

The workshop was timely as Azerbaijan is currently preparing a reorganisation of its current food safety activities. The workshop concluded with the recommendation to maintain open channels and continue cooperation between EFSA and Azerbaijan food safety authorities through the continuation of the ENP programme in the coming years. 

Coverage of the Expert Workshop on the Ministry of Agriculture Website: