9 May: Parma celebrates Europe Day with music

Music will be the common thread of the initiatives through which Parma marks Europe Day, on 9 May. Europe Day coincides with the European Opera Days – hence the idea of celebrating Europe through music. 

On that day, a variety of activities and events for everyone will take place in Parco Ducale, in Parma, from 3 to 8pm. These include dance and music performances, visits to Palazzo Ducale and discussions with citizens on issues related to the European Union.

All initiatives have been organised by the Comune di Parma, EFSA and Fondazione Teatro Regio in collaboration with other local institutions.

EFSA will also celebrate Europe Day by welcoming secondary school students from Parma and surrounding areas, who will present their projects on Europe and EFSA.

What is Europe Day?

Also known as Schuman Day, Europe Day commemorates the historic declaration made by the French foreign minister Robert Schuman in 1950. Schuman proposed the pooling of the French and West German coal and steel industries, which led to the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community, the beginnings of a European federation. This year, Europe Day will celebrate its 65° anniversary.

For information: events [at] efsa.europa.eu