Catalogue of services lists support available during application process

EFSA presents its first catalogue of support services for regulated products. This catalogue lists all harmonised support on regulated products for applicants, Member States and other interested parties. It provides an overview of the services that EFSA offers during the different phases of the application process, including information on who can request a service, when and how to access it.    

Building on experience and stakeholder feedback

The catalogue of services reflects EFSA’s efforts to further strengthen its customer service approach. It is part of EFSA’s ongoing commitment to engage with all its stakeholders and to increase understanding of its scientific work. Feedback from stakeholders gathered in 2013 and 2014 has played an important role in the development of this catalogue.

What services are on offer?

The catalogue outlines the services available to applicants and other stakeholders during the application process. These include:

  • Guidance documents detailing the procedure for the preparation and submission of applications;
  • Info Sessions where EFSA and its stakeholders discuss issues on the evaluation of regulated products;
  •  The opportunity to address queries to EFSA via an online portal;
  • Possibility to submit applications via electronic means;
  • Opportunities for clarification through teleconferences and technical hearings at Working Group and/or Panel meetings;
  • The sending of a notification email to applicants following the assessment of the application.
  • The opportunity to receive further explanation of the scientific rationale of the assessment at the end of the process.

Continuous improvement

Karine Lheureux, head of EFSA’s Applications Helpdesk, said: “The catalogue presents the range of coordinated initiatives to support stakeholders during the entire life-cycle of applications. Today, for instance, the new support practices for post-adoption teleconferences are harmonised across EFSA and applicants have the opportunity to request further explanation on the rationale for the final outputs of the Panel on their applications. We believe such initiatives help to result in a risk assessment process that is more open, accessible and efficient.”

EFSA is committed to continuous improvement in the services it provides during the application process for regulated products. The Authority will monitor the level of satisfaction of its stakeholders and update the catalogue when needed.

  • For a quick and comprehensive overview of all available support services accessible in the different phases of the application process, check this interactive tool
Notes to editors

Regulated products require scientific risk assessment by EFSA before they can be authorised for use on the EU market. These include substances used in feed and food (such as additives, enzymes, flavourings, nutrient sources, processing aids), food contact materials and pesticides as well as GMOs. EFSA's regulated products mandate also includes the scientific substantiation of nutrition and health claims.

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