Food contact materials expert network holds first meeting

Scientific experts from Member States are meeting in Parma from 12 to 14 November for the first meeting of EFSA’s Food Ingredients and Packaging Network. The experts are gathering to discuss the latest risk assessment activities, approaches and challenges in the area of non-plastic food contact materials.

Currently, regulation of food contact materials made from plastics, recycled plastics and certain ceramics is harmonised in the European Union. However, a wide variety of non-plastic food contact materials is not regulated at EU level. These materials include coatings, paper and board, adhesives, printing inks and rubber. They may be used, for example, in food packaging, food containers and kitchen equipment.

The meeting agenda covers ongoing activities at European level and approaches used at national level for risk assessment of non-plastic food contact materials such as coatings, printing inks, paper and boards and some metals. The work also includes discussion of future challenges expected by Member States in this area and identifying common interests, possible subjects for scientific cooperation and priorities for further work.

EFSA scientific networks of national experts boost cooperation in various areas of EFSA’s work. They provide a platform for discussion and consultation on risk assessment activities and approaches of mutual interest and benefit to EFSA and Member States.