EFSA seeks views on draft GM guidance document

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is launching a public consultation on new draft guidance that sets out the information to be provided for the agronomic and phenotypic characterisation of genetically modified (GM) plants. The data requirements outlined in the document complement previous guidance by EFSA and further strengthen the safety assessment of GM plants. EFSA is inviting all stakeholders and interested parties to comment on the document through an online public consultation by 6 November 2014.

EFSA’s Panel on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) said the draft guidance presents a more comprehensive and harmonised approach to the agronomic and phenotypic characterisation of GM plants using data collected from field trials and under controlled conditions. 

The guidance focuses on a number of elements, including:  

  • the representativeness of the selected sites of field trials;
  • the representativeness of the selected test materials and their quality;
  • the experimental design of field trials;
  • the selection and description of (ecologically) relevant endpoints;
  • data analysis and
  • relevance to environmental risk assessment
Notes to editors

Agronomic characteristics relate to crop management, production and performance (e.g. yield and herbicide regimes). Phenotypic characteristics relate to the physical form and development of plants (e.g. height and flower colour).

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