“Open EFSA” update: consultation deadline extended

In response to feedback from its stakeholders, EFSA has extended the public consultation on its discussion paper “Transformation to an Open EFSA” from 15 September to 15 October 2014. The deadline extension allows more time for interested parties to fully consider and comment on the Authority’s vision for greater openness and transparency in its scientific processes.

The “Open EFSA” initiative aims over the coming years to increase society’s stake in EFSA’s work and covers such key issues for the Authority as data access and increased public engagement. EFSA wants feedback on key aspects of the Open EFSA paper and welcomes comments from national partners, other scientific advisory bodies, civil society organisations and other stakeholders as well as experts and practitioners in the field of open government and open science.

Openness and transparency are core values for EFSA as they provide a framework that promotes confidence in the Authority’s work among consumers and other stakeholders. In the coming months, input from the public consultation will feed into finalisation of a new Open EFSA policy and follow-up plan.

Interested parties are invited to respond online by 15 October 2014:

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