Stakeholder meeting: Threshold of Toxicological Concern

EFSA and the World Health Organization (WHO) are to meet stakeholders to exchange views on the Threshold of Toxicological Concern (TTC) approach to setting tolerable human exposure levels for specific chemicals.

The stakeholder meeting will be followed by a meeting of international scientific experts from the field of TTC who will look at questions such as:

  • Is the TTC concept based on scientific risk assessment principles and sufficiently conservative for public health protection?
  • What is the TTC approach intended for and when should it not be used?
  • Can the framework be modified to take into account possible effects of low-dose mixtures?

The meetings are part of a broader EFSA/WHO project aimed at establishing a global consensus on the TTC approach.

The TTC is a pragmatic tool that provides conservative exposure limits to be used in the absence of sufficient toxicological data. It helps risk assessors to prioritise the assessment of chemicals with low-level exposures that require more data over those that can be presumed to present no appreciable human health risk. Since its original development and application in the food area, further scientific developments have taken place leading to the need for a critical review and possible update of the approach.

The stakeholder meeting will take place in Brussels on 2 December 2014. Registration closes on 20 October.