Cumulative assessment group methodology – EFSA launches public consultation

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has launched a public consultation on its recently published methodology that identifies pesticides to be included in cumulative assessment groups. The approach is based on grouping pesticides that exhibit similar toxicological properties in a specific organ or organ system.

As part of this exercise stakeholders are invited to provide feedback to enable EFSA to refine the way the methodology is applied in practice and in particular to support forthcoming activities to establish further cumulative assessment groups for organs and systems other than the thyroid and central nervous systems.

EFSA is also asking stakeholders to identify issues that merit specific consideration in future coordination activities between the Authority and the European Commission for implementing cumulative risk assessment for pesticides under European Union law.

All stakeholders and interested parties are invited to comment on the document through an online public consultation that runs until 30 September 2013.

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