EFSA Management Board Chair resigns

Upon request of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Diána Bánáti has resigned on 8 May as member and Chair of the Management Board, effective immediately. She has decided to take up a professional position at the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) which is not compatible with her role as member and Chair of the EFSA Management Board.

The Code of Conduct adopted by the EFSA Management Board obliges all members to consider possible public perception, in all facets of their professional and private life, in particular with regard to any activities which could raise doubts about their independence, even with respect to potential conflicts of interest. Board members shall not hold positions or interests that are considered incompatible with their role as a Board member and the role of the Board itself. The Code of Conduct stipulates that, given the public character of their function, members shall conduct themselves in a way that maintains and promotes the public’s trust in the Authority.

Notes to editors

Management Board members are appointed by Council after consulting the European Parliament on the basis of a short-list which is drawn up by the European Commission following an open call for expressions of interest. Diána Bánáti was appointed for a second mandate as member of EFSA’s Management Board in 2010 for a 4-year term.

The role of the Management Board is to ensure an effective and efficient functioning of the Authority and to decide on its work programme and priorities. The Board has no power to review EFSA’s scientific outputs nor to influence their adoption procedure, which is the sole responsibility of EFSA’s Scientific Committee and Panels.

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