Executive Director of the European Food Safety Authority nominated

It is likely that Mr Podger will appear before the Environment Committee of the European Parliament before the end of October.

Mr Podger is at present, the Chief Executive of the UK Food Standards Agency and has been responsible for its establishment and development.

The Management Board interviewed candidates on a shortlist which, in line with the Authority’s founding Regulation, had been drawn up by the European Commission following an open call for expression of interests around the European Community. The job is one of the most influential and prestigious in food safety and attracted many senior figures in the field.

The process of establishing the four key elements of the Authority is advancing rapidly. The Management Board, consisting of a Commission representative and 14 persons appointed in a personal capacity, met for the first time on 18/19 September 2002. The appointment of the Executive Director opens the way to the establishment of the remaining elements, the setting up of the Authority’s Scientific Committee and Panels and the establishment of the Advisory Forum.