Attend EFSA's scientific colloquia

Debate the big scientific issues in food safety.

The EFSA Scientific Colloquium Series started in 2004 so EFSA can engage in scientific discussion and debate with leading scientists from Europe and beyond.

  • We host at least one colloquium every year. The colloquia aim to deepen understanding of the fundamental scientific issues related to risk assessment of food and feed safety.
  • The colloquia provide ample opportunity for exchange of views. There are briefing notes for the participants, including discussion points. A short introductory plenary session is followed by break-out discussion groups, the main points of which are presented and discussed in a final plenary session. This closing session agrees the conclusions of the colloquium and, as appropriate, makes recommendations to EFSA.
  • After each colloquium we publish the deliberations and main findings in a report.