Seminar on Handling Food Emergencies/Crises in the Food Chain for ENP countries

28 April 2010

The European Food Safety Authority organised a seminar in co-operation with the European Commission on handling food emergencies and crises in the food chain. The seminar, which took place on 28 and 29 of April 2010 in Kiev, Ukraine, was the first regional seminar between the EU food safety bodies and the food safety authorities of Eastern Partnership countries.

Experts from six Eastern Partnership countries of the EU Neighbourhood Policy (ENP countries), including the host country Ukraine, and representatives of the European Commission attended the meeting.

During the seminar, the possibility of initiating a closer cooperation between EFSA, EU institutions and food safety authorities in the Eastern Partnership countries was explored. Experts from ENP countries were also acquainted with ways of handling food crises in the EU, and with the functioning of the Rapid Alert Systems for Food and Feed.

Another seminar on handling food crises will be organised for the Mediterranean Neighbourhood countries in October 2010, in Parma.

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